Mine To Chase (2013)
Mine to Chase (2013)
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1419944754 (ISBN13: 9781419944758)
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc.
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Chase I really wished he was more alpha male I mean he was sorta alpha male but not like all alpha male, "I'm serious about the mating. We'll live together here where you'll be safe. I'll still have my job but you'll never have to worry about me cheating. You'll be it for me, the only one I want." I mean he is consider to Jasmine and humans, "mated is married. We could have an official ceremony if you want. I'm not opposed. What's a piece of paper and some guy saying words compared to the kind of bond we'll have?" Jasmine is a feisty thing I think she's perfect for Chase, "she's your sister, not your servant. You go to the store if you want steaks and I'll cook them." I mean he really does care for Jasmine and her wants and needs, "I'm glad to hear it. I like it when you stand up to me." He leaned in, smiling again. "Besides, you project your thoughts forcefully at times. You weren't happy when I left this morning. You want a honeymoon and I agree." I enjoyed reading Mine To Chase, however I would of liked if it was a little more intense and draw out in some areas of the story. Example: with her going thru the change and dealing with changed, and also with the final challenge that Chase dealt with.A little more of interact with his vampire friends would of been nice and maybe where Jasmine meets them.I would of liked if there was more interaction between Jasmine and Jenny (Chase's Sister). Boy I have to say I did not like the way Chase treated his sister.I really did not feel there was any real develop between Chase and Jasmine it was a little to rushed for me.
It kills me to give this a three...Full review coming soon...
Not bad but not great. No real chemistry between the couple.
Great story....nice entry to the Vampire world!
KISS Killer, Intimate, Sexy, Short
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