Misión Olvido (2012)
Misión Olvido (2012)
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Temas de Hoy
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The Heart Has Its Reasons - by Maria DuenasAs a man, I have acquired a taste for good stories by female authors; thanks to my wife's influence!This was a charming book; a love story, but of history, rather than individuals; although individual love plays an important part. Set in a university in modern day California, involving a Spanish academic doing research into a deceased professor; the story is about her relationships with the other academics and the result of her research. I particularly liked the love story of one of the main characters, set in 1950’s Spain, the flashbacks that this involved and the ultimate importance of this love affair to our heroine’s research project.I liked Maria Duenas and would certainly read some more of her books. An enjoyable read; I rate this book: 4 stars. Read in September 2014 Las comparaciones son odiosas. Cometí el error de comenzar el libro esperando encontrar la esencia de "El Tiempo entre Costuras", algo que me ha acompañado en cada página y me ha impedido sumergirme por completo en la historia. Aún así, reconozco esa facilidad de la autora en el arte de que las palabras fluyan y de crear imágenes de forma tan natural. Ojalá me pareciera un poco a Blanca y supiera dejar ir de la misma forma...
4.5 stars. The first half was a bit slow, but it finished really strong and left me wanting more.
Lite förvirrande med många figurer och lite förutsägbar, men kul med historia
Spanish professor goes to California post breakup
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