Mission Unstoppable (2011)
Mission Unstoppable (2011)
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0061827649 (ISBN13: 9780061827648)
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I think I skipped the stage as a child reader where I considered these books great. Nevertheless, I can understand how many of our students might enjoy the Genius Files Series. The first book has action, lots of action; it stops sporadically to send the reader to use Google Maps to track the protagonists' trip; it contains lots of trivia; and the protagonists are a set of boy & a girl twins. The writing is also funny. Third grade and up. I like Gutman and I wanted to give this book a chance. I know that he can write some silly stuff but I wasn't prepared for this one. It starts with twins Coke and Pepsi being chased and leaping off a cliff after they just happen to receive jumpsuits. Now I love a good adventure as much as the next person but this was so cheesy that I couldn't enjoy it. It seemed like every cliche was here and I found that I didn't care if the kids were successful or not. I had to put it down. If you are in for a good read pick up Homework Machine and leave this on the shelf.
I would rate this 6 stars if I could. Great book but weird compared to the books I usually read :)
This book was a waste of my time I rate it 0 stars he used pictures from the Internet IT IS CHEESY
One of the BEST!!! An action adventure book!
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