Mistletoe And Mr. Right (2014)
Mistletoe and Mr. Right (2014)
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Bloomsbury USA
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I love Christmas, romance, and Ireland. So when I read the blurb for this book I was drawn to it, and having now finished it I was right. Ok, so you can guess pretty early on how the story will end, it is cute enough, and with enough substance to keep you interested.Jessica and Brennan have been dating for a few months and in Jessica's mind it is all very serious and going great. Brennan has gone home to Ireland for Christmas when unbeknown to him, Jessica decides that she will surprise him and fly over to spend the festive season with him and his family. Oh dear....Jessica is not quite met with the welcome she expected. Infact things start off in quite a calamitous way when she hits the family goat with the car. That's before she has even reached the front door! To say that the family are surprised and underwhelmed by her arrival may be a slight understatement.Hooray for Grady, the farmhand who sounds not only like a lovely bloke, but I can imagine him being easy on the eye too! He comes to the rescue from the start and with the immediate attraction between them you can almost write the perfect ending from early on.What kept me interested wasn't just the attraction between agency and Jessica, but also watching how the family, and particularly Brennan were treating Jessica. I felt quite angry on her behalf that they didn't seem to have any interest in her, and that Brennan didnt stand his ground more with them. I felt he was a weak and not very likeable. I really wanted Jessica to tell him what he could do with the relationship. To complicate matters even more up pop Katie, Brennan's ex girlfriend who the family all adore. She is also staying for Christmas which makes Jessica feel more awkward, particularly as she knew nothing about her. We get to know Katie more and question whether she and Brennan are actually over eachother.I swung between feeling sorry for Jessica and the way she was being treated, and wanting to shake her for allowing Brennan and the family be so mean to her. I felt like I could empathise with both of these. I had no time for Brennan who to me was a total waste of time. I felt quite angry on Jessica's behalf.My saviour was Grady. You can see that Jessica tries not to like him, or feel any attraction, but they seem like they would be perfect together. Ok, I may be biased from the way he is portrayed and the fact he is Irish, my ideal for a man! But he just came across as a really nice and genuine guy, better than that horrible Brennan.I was quite closed minded and had made up my mind on what I thought of each of the characters, and what I found really clever in the book, was how a turn of events made me start to change my mind. I thought it was really skilfully done and I felt quite emotional reading it. This changed it from being a run of the mill love story to something a bit different for me. I really enjoyed this novella. It wasn't too long so it didn't feel like it was strung. It packed a punch as it was fast moving. It is very well written with some real thought and emotion put into each to the characters and how they interact and relate to eachother. The ending was lovely and it left me feeling warm and fluffy. An easy, uplifting story perfect for the Christmas period.Thank you to Bloomsbury USA for providing a copy in return for an honest review. Mistletoe and Mr Right was not the read I was expecting it to be, but it was still pretty enjoyable as quick romantic stories go..The actual premise and plot of the book was nice sounding and I have to say, it was executed pretty well - the characters played their part, they were believable and relatable and their backgrounds were both realistic and delved into enough to enjoy, but not quite enough to be a mind blowing read. If the actual book had been longer, there would have been more room for development, both in plot and development, more room to get to know the characters better and their backgrounds, and more room for tension, passion and romance, but the phrase and short and sweet exists for a reason, and I guess this was, on the whole, a sweet read. The romance between Jessie and Grady was quite enjoyable, and seeing the arguing and tension building between Brennan and Jessie was a little frustrating as it was obvious how and where the plot was going, but still, can't say I didn't like it.I would have liked a more seasonal and festive quality to read. I like that it was set in Ireland, it's a little close to home and therefore I could relate, and there was no real over exaggeration which was nice too, but a festive title and cover and the mentioning of snow and the setting being over Christmas Eve/Day/Boxing day doesn't give too many options.. It's a shame, because with no mistletoe in sight and no fluffy doggy, that cover feels like a cheat, but the story inside is a nice one, and fans on Payne's work will enjoy the quick read.
3.5...this started out dreadfully slow for a novella but the last 1/3 was very cute and enjoyable.
Super cute, romantic story. Perfect Christmas love story!
This was the perfect holiday read.
4.5 stars
3.5 stars
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