Mobile First (2011)
Mobile First (2011)
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A Book Apart
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Luke's presentation slides on mobile first have more hard data and examples than the entirety of this book. I am disappointed that I don't like how elementary everything seems. Also, it seems like he mentioned something about building in points rather than pixels and never explains the how. I like the event apart books but this is more like how to convince your boss title than a real education for web professionals. The first half of the book is largely devoted to why you should make a mobile website, and why to design it ahead of your website for PC browsers. If you are already sold on that idea, you can safely skip it.The second half of the book is full of really helpful interaction design insights, aimed at UX professionals who work mainly on websites for PCs, and are making a transition to designing for mobile. If that describes you, you should read this book. I also appreciated that its focus is on the mobile web, not of the design of native applications. He does a good job not focussing solely on iOS, and lets you know how the patterns he describes apply to Android and other devices. I'm working on a mobile application called Dicewalla and this book has helped me figure out and prioritize the product roadmap.
To be fair, it's a bit dated. If you haven't had any mobile experience, it's a decent start.
Very concise but informative overview of mobile web design.
Quite a lot about "mobile". Not much about "first".
Solid book but already a little out of date.
Rating: 7/10
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