Moonlight Palace, The (2014)
Moonlight Palace, The (2014)
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It's the 1920's and Agnes is 17 years old living in Singapore in a dilapidated old palace that has been in her family since it was new. She lives with her grandparents (one Chinese and the other British), an aged uncle and three young men boarders whose rent payments help them barely make ends meet. She is more on the modern side of the '20s than the traditional. Her story involves a Muslim bomber, a Chinese homosexual and a devious British colonialist.This book takes a unique setting that raises ones interest and fails to put a really interesting story to the circumstances. The prose is somewhat bland and the reader fails to feel the transitional period or historical importance of the time. It plods along to the end with a story that could have taken place almost anywhere or anyplace, but didn't. I revived this novel from netgally and romancebeat in exchange for an honest review. The Moonlight Palace by Liz Rosenberg takes us across the sea onto the shores of Singapore and immerses us with the beautiful coming of age story if Agnes Hussein. Filled with rich historical details and heart warming characters this novel will be one I never forget. After turning seventeen and fully realizing that her once proud family has now fallen into poverty and survives souly on her grandfathers pension she is faced with the task of saving her family palace. Outsiders threaten to steal the palace from underneath them and if Agnes does nothing they will loose everything, struggling to save her family Agnes is forced to find bravery and courage she didn't believe she had and in return finds loyalty and love in unexpected places. While I truly enjoyed the flirtation of this novel I do wonder if it would receive better attention if it was marketed to a YA genre just to broaden the amount of coverage it could get. This truly was a delight to read and watching this young naive girl blossom into a strong confident women was great and I will be recommending this to everyone.
There was nothing wrong with this book but there was nothing great about it either.
very enjoyable reading. likable characters
I loved this book. Magical realism :)
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