Moord Voor Mij (book #9) (2010)
Moord voor mij (book #9) (2010)
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I was very anxious to read Karen Rose's 3rd book in the trilogy of Daniel Vartanian, yet I actually enjoyed reading the 2 first books more. As much as I enjoy very much reading thriller series, but in the case of this trilogy one must read them in the correct order, especially book 2 followed by book 3, cause the story continues, I would say in book 2 it's more out of the point view of Daniel Vartanian & in book 3 it's all from his sister's point of view, or better said in book 2 it's somehow like an introduction to how the story continued in book 3. This follows on from 'scream for me' and 'die for me'. It has a very quick beginning and I liked that I didn't manage to guess the bad guy until the end - it wasn't obvious for me anyway which isn't always the case for this genre. Some tricky themes and concepts explored such as human trafficking and other unsavoury crimes. As always another great book from Karen Rose although I do feel her female lead characters are a bit samey.
Kill For Me By karen Rose It jumped around to much in the story line.
Fantastic thriller. Will definitely read more from Karen Rose.
Another excellent read by Karen Rose!
4 stelline e mezzo.
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