More About Boy: Roald Dahl's Tales From Childhood (2009)
More about Boy: Roald Dahl's Tales from Childhood (2009)
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What a fun, touching and appalling read! It's set of stories about the writer's childhood. It starts with his father and ends when he left for East Africa. Roald had a very close family. His father died when he was very young and he and his mother were very close. Their Norwegian summer holidays sounded fun and adventurous. The book was first published in 1980s. Throughout the book, the writer compared the difference between days of his childhood and the modern time. In 1920s, English public schools openly encouraged bullying. School masters caned "unruly" students. Doctors performed surgeries at patient's home. Children were allowed to observe the appendix after it was taken out. No need for driving licence. Cars were driven by people who had only 2 hours driving lessons, etc...I loved the fun part such as the mice plot and goat's tobacco. I keep wondering what happened to his "ancient sister" and her fiancé afterwards. I hope the fiancé had quit smoking and they had had a good life and a lot of laugher together. Read all his stories for kids, long ago. Therefore I found it fascinating to read about his years of growing up. The fantastic and dreadful characters and situations in his book, seem partly to have come straight from his experiences. Much of this concerns his years at boarding school, which sounded cruel and awful, with treatment to children that shouldn't have been legal. Dreadful, I found that difficult to read about. The stories about his family are more lighthearted, and his amazing mama, who organized the whole family to spend summers camping in Norway.
This is mostly a rehash of Boy, but with some extra information and stories added.
It is interesting to find some of the bits of Dahl's books in his own life.
Every word filled me with joy. It's Roald Dahl. Just read it.
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