More Than Friends (2012)
More Than Friends (2012)
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Aria Grace
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Ryan is in a bit of a funk after breaking up with his girlfriend when he meets the outspoken and lively Drea at a party. He winds up spending the night on her couch and winds up feeling more of a connection with her cousin, the gamer and all around smart geek Zach, than he does with the girl he hoped would lift the fog in his head left after the break up.Ryan and Zach become friends and start spending more and more time together studying and playing disc golf, but Ryan doesn’t recognize his attraction to Zach until it is almost too late. He continually tells himself and Zach that he is not gay, they can be friends, but he is not gay. Me thinks though doth protest too much.What I loved most about this story is how you could tell from that first stare that Zach was completely attracted to Ryan. But he never really pushes the issue until Ryan opens the door. They become friends before they become lovers and that aspect of the story made it more believable when the romance unfolded. This was my first audible with Douglas Dale, but I’ll find something else of his soon. I could always tell when there was a change in character, mood and setting by his changes in tone, nuance and inflection. There was emotion behind his words when there was emotion written into the story and that always makes for an enjoyable listen.I’ve both read and listened to this story and enjoyed both variations. I’d recommend to anyone that likes a believable and well written ‘Gay For You’ type story. When I first decided to explore this exotic, sensual genre, I was skeptical that it could entertain or satisfy my short attention span. Though, I began reading this book as soon as it had fully downloaded and didn't stop until I reached the end. It's predictability kept me on edge and the sad twists that ran through each chapter encouraged me to become more attached to the characters and the stories they each carried. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, so much so that I continued to read all of the books in the sequel and became saddened when I finished all five.
This was actually a really good read I taught I was gonna hate it at first..I recommend it.
Hmmmm, this read better the second time. Might try more of the series.
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3.5 stars.
Cute ^~^
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