More Than Just A Good Book, A Short Story (2000)
More Than Just a Good Book, A Short Story (2000)
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Unlike others, I thought this story got better and hotter as it continued to develop the characters and relationship in subsequent parts.Sure, Part 1 was the most sex you could pack in a short scene and memorable in the unique setting of the library, but it is really interesting how Ms. Parker took that and turned it into a complete story.It is a bit cliche that they both have single parents, but it is interesting how they develop and, slowly, build their relationship and trust.I can't wait for this book to be finished. I swear I could hump your leg Sloan Parker! That story was amazing! The dom/sub was done just right. It wasn't about control but about protecting, trusting, and cherishing. I completely and totally fell in love with the characters, so funny and lovable. Honestly I could just gobble Scott up. I was in stitches when he talked about jacking off between Steven King and Dean Coon. OMG, what can I say but that I loved it.
I think the length helped this story. I liked it while I was reading it.
Wow, this was hot!! I would love to read more about Mark & Scott.
Good, hot sexy story
Nice. Quick read.
One word: "fuck"
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