Mouse Was Mad (2009)
Mouse Was Mad (2009)
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0152053379 (ISBN13: 9780152053376)
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This book is about a mouse that is mad and tries different ways to deal with his anger. He finally becomes aware that just breathing and standing still is the best way to calm down and not be mad anymore. This book can help children identify with being mad. You can even have a discussion on what do they do to calm down. You can even provide different ways to relax if they are not aware how to calm down after being upset. The children will know that there are many ways to calm down and wide range of people deal with it differently. But everyone needs to find out what works for them as we all are diffent. What may work for me may not work for you. The next day after reading the book, my 3 year old daughter was mad and she was able to recall the book and we started breathing together. This was big for me because this book had a positive impact and she was able to relate and use the information effectively... Therefore, reading a book like this to kids will help them identify and deal with certain feeling..they may have not known how to cope with before. I love this book! This book is very cute and fun. Mouse express and imitate different animals his feeling of mad. He could not express exactly same, so he was really mad. However, nobody can not imitate mouse, when he stand very still. If children read the "Mouse Was Mad", they can learn many words, and they recognize that everyone has different characters in their lives. Extension: Teacher will ask what is your distinct character differ other friend. Draw their character on the paper, children share with friends in classroom.
"be true to yourself" is the moral of the story. Great story and facial expressions on the animals.
Cute story about dealing with anger/frustration.
Such a cute story, kids would love it!
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