Mouseton Abbey: The Missing Diamond (2013)
Mouseton Abbey: The Missing Diamond (2013)
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As a lover of Downton Abbey, this cute children's book called, Mousetown Abbey, was a great gift given to me. The characters are all mice (of course) and have basically all the Lords and Ladies, Dowagers, and secants as Downton. The story was cute about Roquefort, Earl of Mouseton, misplacing the very important Cheesy Diamond that was used each Cheesemas.I guess I was expecting a more adult storyline, but it was still cute. Just being a Downton Abbey fan, having this book, Mouseton Abbey on my bookshelf makes a great "Oh, how neat!" reaction from other fans. Children will love the little mice and the story. Mouseton Abbey is a historical picture book that also educates children of the culture England once upheld. The story is an adaptation of Downton Abbey, the popular TV show. Readers follow Lord Mouseton around the extravagant household. We encounter family and house works. The story does a great job of showing the social structure of the time. When learning of different times and different cultures this book would be ideal in the classroom.
Cute story. Totally got it because I am a Downton Abbey fan. :) Cannot wait to read it to my niece.
I love the mice!!!!!
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