Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Practicing The Piano: But She Does Love Being In Recitals (2009)
Moxy Maxwell Does Not Love Practicing the Piano: But She Does Love Being in Recitals (2009)
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0375844880 (ISBN13: 9780375844881)
Schwartz & Wade
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As a teacher, I love this book for multiple reasons. Reading out of order, this is the first Moxy Maxwell book that I have read. As an adult, I finished it in no time at all on an airplane flight, and I could not resist laughing aloud. Moxy is a believable character with whom I think my students, at least the girls, will relate. (Two supporting characters, Moxy's twin and her best friend are boys.)The series does NOT have to be read in order to be fully comprehensible. This book is sure to be a hit with dormant or reluctant readers because the pace is quick, the story is funny, and the chapters are so short as to contribute to the comedy. This is a book that allows a student to feel and see the progress as pages go past quickly. The book supports the idea of being comfortable with who you are as an individual, as well as taking responsibility for your actions. I will definitely add the Moxy Maxwell books to my classroom library. 3rd in the Moxy series, Moxy and her sister, Pansy, are busy preparing for the piano duet of "Heart and Soul" for their recital at the Palace Theater. Of course with preparation for Moxy means dress rehearsal complete with a crown and making a fake ermine trim for her cape. Will this procrastinator be able to pull off her first piano debut in time?Not one of my favorites in the series, but still a light and funny read.
Similar to the other Moxy books, great for booktalking. I'd recommend this to any elementary kid.
I like Moxy Maxwell! She is a little bit Ramona and a little bit Junie B.
I cannot get enough of Moxie Maxwell.
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