Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story (2014)
Mr. Tucker & Me: A Short Story (2014)
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Another short story that I read on Christmas, a science fiction tale of squirrels and what might happen if they were able to learn as humans do. When a TV is left in an enclosed space in the woods, Mr. Tucker, a squirrel and his other squirrel followers take to watching it and learning from it. Mr. Tucker likes to takes Sunday drives with the man who left the TV. When something is different about the gas station that his human companion goes to. Mr. Tucker and the squirrels use their knowledge to help out. Yay for squirrels! In this short story, a lonely older man finds solace within a special squirrel that has taken to his abandoned television. Something so ordinary to us has been taken to a different place with Mr. Tucker. In a weird turn of events at the strange gas station, I'm glad that the squirrels were able to save the day. Full disclosure: Gregor is a friend, and some would say that biases my review. I can understand those views, but they couldn't be more wrong. Read this man's work, you'll see. He certainly needs no inflated ratings from any sector. He continues to churn out quality writing and imaginitive stories that captivate and confound. This story is no exception. Gregor once again took my expectations, turned them inside out and left me yearning for more. This one is sci-fi, fantasy and humor all rolled up into a kick-ass hometown squirrel does good story. Highly recommended!
Quirky short story about a man and his... squirrel.
Great story! Read it with a kitten on my shoulder.
Weird. Short. Fun. Squirrel.
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