Muerte Entre Lineas (2014)
Muerte entre lineas (2014)
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Seix Barral
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In By Its Cover, by Donna Leon, Commissario Guido Brunetti is called in when the director of a private library discovers that some pages have been cut out of rare books; soon she realizes that a few whole books are also missing. There seems to be but one suspect: a professor from the United States, who has spent some time at the library doing research, or so he claims. But he has abruptly disappeared, and Brunetti's inquiries show that he was not who, or what, he said he was. The library director worries for the reputation of her library, as the vandalized and missing books were donated by someone high in Venetian society, someone Brunetti himself knows. The Commissario begins by trying to find the book vandal/thief, but soon finds himself investigating a murder.... This is the 23rd novel in the Brunetti series, and as always is a welcome addition. The quizzical and philosophical mind of Brunetti, and his genuine curiosity about and love for Venice and Venetians, makes him one of the most interesting and warm detectives in modern fiction; one wishes to go to Venice, in part, just to meet him (even if he is fictional!). My only quibble here is that we don't get enough of Brunetti's family (Paola, Raffi and Chiara) this time around, but the book is populated with many old friends and some interesting new individuals too. Very highly recommended, especially if you've read the whole series! One of the things I enjoy about the Guido Brunetti novels is the way that they introduce issues that are of concern to the citizens of Venice as well as the focus on the crime being investigated.Only a few pages into BY ITS COVER Brunetti is in a police boat on its way to a library where a theft has been discovered. Turning into the Grand Canal, there ahead of them is a huge cruise ship, perhaps eleven storeys high, with a wash that is causing waves to sweep over the landings and footpaths. This was an issue that hit the headlines in 2014 when cruise ships were first banned, and then when the ban was overturned by Venetian authorities because of the effects it would have on tourism.Other issues raised: Brunetti's father in law is investing his considerable wealth in companies outside Italy; it seems that the theft of the pages from rare books is only the tip of the iceberg, and that the case that Brunetti is investigating is one of a systematic looting of Venetian treasures; Brunetti questions what is most valuable in these books - their text or the pictures that illustrate them - and why people collect them anyway.This was an excellent read, certainly one of Donna Leon's best.
Listened to audio. I always learn something when I read these, plus the food and wine are so good.
No complaints. Liked the descriptions of Venice and the insight into its social hierarchy.
Good plot, beautifully written, simpatico detective.
Well written Venice,Italy police procedural.
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