My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes) (2012)
My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes) (2012)
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0670025380 (ISBN13: 9780670025381)
Viking Adult
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Berlin + delicious food = I am guaranteed to read and enjoy this book. While it took longer than I expected for her to actually get to Berlin, the descriptions of food kept me enthralled (and drooling), and in retrospect the slow middle of the book wasn't so bad at all. I loved that every chapter was paired with a recipe or two, and the way she writes made me want to cook ragu and German Christmas cookies and white asparagus salad and and and pretty much everything else in the book, including foods that I am not overly enthused about normally (like vegetables). I enjoyed this book. It was filled with imagery and love and love for food. As someone who idolizes food, I truly enjoyed her story. It comes with a recipe at the end of every chapter. And, Blaine's how she felt so lost when she was living outside Berlin, and shows her affinity for food. The book explains how food brings everyone together, how it could bring you right back to home with just the scents from a kitchen, and how it unites all of us. Lovely read.
Love the recipes and worldwide vision. Wish it had been a little less mopey!
I'm a sucker for food memoirs and this one is better than most.
Fun read with great recipes I have actually tried and enjoyed!
Fun read with recipes.
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