My Blood Approves (2010)
My Blood Approves (2010)
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In My Blood Approves we meet Alice Jack Peter Mae Milo and Ezra. Four are vamps and 2 aren���������t. Jack saves Alice and her friend which is how they meet. Jack falls for Alice but there���������s a twist from fate because apparently she���������s meant for someone else. We get to follow these two and definitely find ourselves wanting Jack and Alice to make a move. With this enticement I kept reading and couldn���������t wait to find out what happened next. So I approve.This story is a new twist on the whole vampire love story thing. The characters good well thought out characters that are loveable with the exception of one. They are developed pretty well. I must say that although I found some things to be slightly boring and skeptical I still liked it. There were quite a few grammatical errors to sort through. I could have also used some more action and less hate streaming off of Peter. Well I could have dealt with it better if it had been better explained for why he was that way. At any rate I will continue this series because I fell in love with the characters. I want to know what happens and how this story will develop. I'm going to try to be upfront about this book as possible. I loved Amanda's books. I shied away from this series simply because they were vampires. Not that vampires are a bad story subject, I just tend to lean towards other modes of fantasy--trolls and elves for instance.Then I was bored for reading material and decided to give this book a shot. You will, of course, note the five star rating. Here's why I gave it that:Yes, there are problems. There are cultural references (mostly ones I do not get, but hey I'm antisocial as can be, so maybe that's on me. I don't care either way). And there are similar references to Twilight. These weren't really problems for me.Hocking establishes her own biological vampire, and I quite like it. Her choice in creating a "vampire" is different while keeping true to the mythology of blood drinkers. I like it.But more importantly, what sets this novel for me is how visceral it is.There is more to blood-drinking than an unquenchable, ravenous thirst. There is a physical need for it that likens to a sexual lust. The relationship between Jack and Alive plays out so strongly, so intensely. This intensity was what caused me to continue reading, though it was four in the morning and I had to be at work five hours later. Literally, this happened.The act of biting and blood drinking is a primal act of love-making, in a away (dependent on the blood source and the relationship thereof). The descriptions made me wish that these vampires existed, because hey! This sounds amazing!Not only that. The love triangle had its own original course. (Well, maybe not ORIGINAL, but I loved its execution). Alice's body reacts so strongly to Peter. And Peter rejects her, though feeling the same way. Neither can help the way their bodies react. They give in occasional to these animalistic draws.But while Alice's body begs for Peter, she is set on Jack. (which becomes more apparent through the series). She makes this definitely decision to herself while her mind is clear and unaffected by the vampire emotions around her. The only thing that annoyed me about this notion was how the other vampires--Erza and Mae handled this sense of "belonging", as in Alice belongs to Peter and only Peter.This annoyed me because while I can understand their personal attachment to Alice, they completely disregarded her own wants and desires because of *this*, and *THIS* is what they have known and personally experienced. Alice's body reacts this way so it must be so. She must solely belong to Peter. They know Alice and Jack are in love, and while they do mostly nothing to prevent their relationship, they do admonish Alice and Jack for acting out on their feelings. I found that annoying.But overall, a fun, fast-paced read. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this genre.
I love it couldn't put it down
Interesting. Very interesting
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