My Fairly Dangerous Godmother (2000)
My Fairly Dangerous Godmother (2000)
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Rallison writes some of the most fun, light hearted reads out there and her My Fair Godmother series is one of these best ones she writes. Full of chaos, laughs, smiles, and a fairy godmother in training and her little helper, that is sure to make anyone fall in love with them and keep turning the pages simply because you are having such a great time. Crissy is by far the worst fairy out there. If there is something she can make a mess out of she will but she always has her charges best interests at heart, even if they don't think she does. Transported from one fairy tale to the next, each one more disastrous than the previous, Sadie is starting to wonder what the heck she got herself into. Wicked queens, rogue fairies, princes, princesses, mermaids, and all matter of mayhem ensue making this a delightful light read that is sure to appeal to anyone.Laugh out loud moments and hijinks you won't want to miss, this third installment in the series truly was so much fun and a great addition. Fans of the series and of Rallison's other works, won't want to miss this. I. NEED. This. Now.!!!!!!!Maybe there'll be a full review coming soon, maybe not, but here are my thoughts immediately after finishing My Fairly Dangerous Godmother:There's something you should know first. I loved the first two novels to death (also Just one Wish! ♥ Maybe one of the most underrated contemporary novels I know) and I was going crazy since the news came out that there would actually be a third part (and soon too). But I was also a little worried. Since my hopes were as high as mountains and mountains of Grover's gold, I knew it would be very hard to fullfill them. And that missing star? Well, that's partially missing, because I kept comparing Fairly dangerous to the other two and it just... Couldn't keep up in some aspects (in others it did awesomely well, but that is just Rallison's awesomest of the awesome writing). If I hadn't known the first two novels before reading the third, then maybe this would be a five star review with lots of hearts and love and exclamationmarks and capital letters.BUT there were the few things that I kinda "missed" in this one:1) The plot twists. Especially the second novel had some CRAZEYYY plottwists to it, that I never would have expected, when I started reading. With Fairly Dangerous Godmother, I knew what was going to come. That's partly because the three stories are structured in a pretty similar way and partly because it's pretty obvious how the story'd play out. It was exciting though! Just a little too easy to see through.2) The love story, as lovely as it's been and as much as I like these two characters, played out pretty fast. Though it didn't feel that way, the two of them had only four days together, while it felt like they were in love already after only 3.3) Oh you thought there'd be a third part? Well THERE ISN'T. Because that sequel still ROCKED. Awesome characters and such a lovely message. This is a huge part about Janette's writing: There's so much to learn there and so much she has to say besides telling the actual story. Also her kind of humor! ♥♥♥ I'm just in love with it xD There were so many crazy awesome scenes in here, too and I am already starting to hope and beg that there will be a sequel to this. Our dear Chrissy still didn't get into College, poor thing. Also I think SHE should get the next three wishes in the fourth part of the series. At least there are lots of lessons, that SHE needs to learn.It isn't my favorite novel in the series, but it still is awesome. I'm a little sad that as it looks I'll never get my matching hardcover version, but I can cope with that.Maybe, when I'll reread this in a few months, it will get the missing star... Because that's what happened with book one (I started the series with novel number 2). It's just that I loved the second part so much, everything seems to look less sparkly standing next to it. Well, except for Just one Wish. Now I'll go and probably finally order My double Life, because I've meant to do that for ages.
Not as good as the second, to romance-y and not as many jokes. Looking forward to the next one!
I am totes reading this when it comes out!!
a title! a cover! <3 CAN'T WAIT.
this is the best book so far.
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