My Familiar Stranger (2012)
My Familiar Stranger (2012)
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To say I was pleasantly suprized by this series would be an understatement. Ms. DANANN surpassed all my expectations with this first story. I was intrigued by the plot of this world created and more than anxious to keep reading. One of those stories that grip you from the first chapter and you keep reading thru the night because you just can't find a spot to stop. I enjoyed not just learning about the main characters POV, but the fact that it wasn't just a romance that you knew from the jump how it would eventually play out. I also enjoyed having vampires that were not, the sweep you off your feet, sparkles pretty in the sun, spellbounding in love... But the vampires I grew up loving cause they were the monsters that scared people. The ORDER OF THE BLACK SWAN are pure alpha males in all their glory and are the KNIGHTS we grew up loving as protectors. My absolute favorite character was Elora. Words can't explain just how much of an amazing, ALPHA female she it. Not many books show a female who can be an equal to the male counterpart and I very much enjoyed getting to real know her. This is just the start to what I can tell will be an amazing series. I can't wait to go along with the wild ride of the BLACK SWANS. Three and a half. Ms Danann writes well, but there was so much narrative/description, I found myself skipping pages. Do I really need to know every single thing the girl bought at Bloomingdales? Or online? That being said, I thought the story was interesting, sometimes unique, although who she chose at the end was predictable. I will read her next book because you can't judge a series by the first book. I'm hoping for a bit more dialogue. Thank you, Ms. Danann.
loved it! very interesting concept and I can't wait to know the rest of the stories in the series!
WOW! Just WOW! A great PNR read. Cannot wait to read more in the series.
What a FABULOUS book! I LOVED it! Onto book two, "Witch's Dream." ;)
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