My Heartache Cowboy (2014)
My Heartache Cowboy (2014)
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(Be forewarned that this is /M/M/M romance with graphic sex scenes)I follow book bloggers because I often find books I never would have considered reading this way. That’s how I stumbled across My Heartache Cowboy.A review on the Seductive Musings blog really intrigued me so I went and downloaded the sample from Amazon. Well, what do you know, by the time I’d finished the sample I had to buy the book and finish it. Isn’t that a sign of a good story – you have to buy the rest of the book once you’ve started it.Obviously, I’m not really interested in M/M/ or M/M/M sex (although I learned a few things), but the central relationship was wonderful, powerful, and real.The two main characters are cowboys, working cowboys not rich; they don’t own the ranch they work on etc. Eddie and Jimmy aren’t hot young things either. They are 42 and 38 and have known each other for years. They are best friends first and foremost, and soon become much more.Jimmy is an alcoholic and his friend Eddie is determined to help him go AA. Enter their surgeon friend Don. I found him the weak link. He’s 52, been sober for over ten years and is there to help. I didn’t warm to him at all. I thought he was a user. He has a wife and kids but is gay and they all live separate lives. He is the one who makes Jimmy face both his alcoholism and that he’s a closet gay. The men start a threesome, I was going to say relationship, but it’s not. It’s simply sex. Don also tries to get Jimmy to face what he feels for Eddie, but something that happened in Jimmy's childhood, and the death of his brother, who he feels responsible for, makes him hide his true self and feelings.I think I would have loved the book even more if Don weren’t in it. However, he is the catalyst for making Jimmy face his demons. I think it would have made the book stronger, if that role went to Eddie.I think Z. A. Maxfield did a superb job with these characters. I loved them. I loved how they spoke to each other, how they thought about life and how their relationship unfolded and they faced their demons from their past.If you’re after a romance that’s a bit different, download the sample and see what you think. Maxfield has done it again with this great and intense sequel in this amazing series. Here we get to learn about Jimmy and Eddie best friends who have loved each other for over fifteen years and never acknowledged it. Well Eddie secretly did but Jimmy was in denial. Jimmy’s past put him in denial. A past that will have your heart bleed for him but when you hear Eddie’s pain and tragedy you just need the kleenex. These two will have you laugh, cry, scream at them and want more. Jimmy is in for a rough ride but he is right in his epiphany at the end, it is something that he has to own and not forced on him. It was forced by him getting kidnapped and brought to the mountains where we get to meet the deliciously sinful doctor friend of Eddie’s, who is a friend with benefits and boy are those benefits a delight to read about. I never knew Eddie was so salacious. Holy batcave batman the threesomes are just wow. They make Jimmy feel safe, Eddie crave closeness with Jimmy and the doctor is just a horny guy who gets satisfaction but also becomes what Jimmy needs to recover, a friend and confidant. So what was really screwy was how Jimmy came about his epiphany actually his many epiphanies, seriously there are better ways my friend. It makes him realize what he wants, what he needs and desires and that he is not only a alcoholic but in love with Eddie even though this ship may have sailed. Eddie has a past that has him only give one chance and than you must earn his friendship back which Jimmy is setting out to do. I tell you what though when these two come together it is beautiful. they so deserve happiness and each other. ZA Maxfield writes a poignant picture of addiction and overcoming it, love and its tests and boundaries that will have you hoping for a happy ending.
I thoroughly enjoyed this one. More than the first book in the series actually.
About a 3.5. Good story but not as good as the first book.
Amazing. Review to follow.
4.5 stars
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