Nauti And Wild (2010)
Nauti and Wild (2010)
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0425234428 (ISBN13: 9780425234426)
Berkley Sensation
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I was really entertained with the book. It definitely draws you in and you can't put it down. It was one of those books you don't want to end! This book has 2 short stories. These books are part of a series and I read them out of order but it was still good. I plan to read the rest of the nauti series and ridthe wild riders series. Please take the time to read this book and I know you won't be disappointed. This book is not for teenagers. I would suggest 18+. A lot of sex in it. Aside from the cheesy cover, I was amazed at how much I liked this book. Normally I do not care for novellas because they are just too short, but both of these little short stories were gems. One annoying thing was the motorcycle blurb on the front cover...because there were no bikes featured in Nauti Kisses. It did feel a tad like Lora Leigh mailed it in on her story...and maybe that wasn't the case and I just got that feeling because of her foreword where she stated that she wrote this one "just for the fans". But the love story between John and Sierra was very hot indeed and it was great to see the original McKay cousins featured. The second story, on the other hand, totally melted my butter. This is my first Jaci Burton story and all I can is where in the world have I been that I have missed out on her delightfully clean writing style!!!! I absolutely loved Ava and Rick's story and after I finished this book, I immediately put all of the rest of this author's works on my TBR list. That's how impressed I was. Both books had a great amount of character development and wonderfully colorful descriptions of the settings, and just enough conflict and action to make them unforgettable and the kind of stories you just can't put down until the last page.
A sweet story. Makes me want to go look up that biker gang! ;-)
only read Lora Leigh book
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