Never Let Go/A Soldier's Secret (1988)
Never Let Go/A Soldier's Secret (1988)
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037318073X (ISBN13: 9780373180738)
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Davey, anak korban kekerasan rumah tangga, yg menyatukan Mallory (psikiater) & Justin (dokter bedah syaraf). Sebel dgn karakter Mallory yg selalu memaklumi arogansi & penolakan Justin, jual mahal dikit napa. Lalu masa psikiater ga bisa mengenali kalo Justin adalah korban kekerasan juga? Terlalu bnyk berputar2 mengenai hubungan Justin & Mallory yg naik turun ga jelas, bosen. Pdhal dgn adanya Davey hrsnya lebih menguras emosi, tp ternyata tidak, sayang sekali.2,4 stars What a great read. Very person has their own deep dark secrets hiding within themselves. Sometimes these secrets turn into nightmares, that follow you around all your life. Then you day somebody special walks into your life and you realise that you have to deal with all of your own secrets to live your life to the fullest. Mallory a psychologist gets drawn close to a very stubborn neurosurgeon Justin Whitmore by one of their patients, a young boy named Davey. Mallory soon realises that she is falling in love with Justin. Justin tries his hardest to put up a front to keep Mallory at a distance, but it doesn't seem to be working. His defense slowly gets broken down till one day he realises how much he loves her. It took him so long to figure it out that he has to run after her, to make sure he doesn't lose her forever.
Enjoyed both "Never Let Go" and the bonus book "A Soldier's Secret" by RaeAnne Thayne.
Great short story! Love her books!
A very nice light, summer read.
Both stories were excellent. :)
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