Night With A Dom (2012)
Night with a Dom (2012)
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Decadent Publishing
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This one was really sweet! We have Melody, who has been a workaholic much of her career. She blames it on the former CEO/slave driver. At least partially. She's missed lots of events that were important to people close to her. Including the birthday party that might have turned into an engagement if she'd shown up. But instead, they broke up and now Melody is alone for New Years.Her boss, sensing her despair, suggests she contact a company to set up getting good and laid. And, seeing no good alternatives (her ex just told her he's marrying his new girl), she decides to give it a try.And while Melody gets more than she bargained for, it's ultimately a great New Years and the start of something great. I thought this one was fun, sexy, and very sweet. Wow! This short sure packed quite a punch! It's an absolutely perfect sweet, fun, sensual and original read that left me content. It's a great thing when a hot story is just that, a hot story. It's not all about sex, but actual meaningful content that sucks you in until the end.Mel is an extreme workaholic that needs to go on with life. She needs to actually LIVE it. Oh and get laid. When her boss tells her as much and gives her the idea to get in touch with 1Night Stand to help her get her groove on. She goes for it. After all she has nothing else to do and really needs to blow off some steam. What happens from there is a sensual surprise that both gives off a giddy feeling and a slight shock. So be ready for a Night With a Dom :)
A hot, sexy quick read. enjoyed it! I loved how she got the upper hand.
Wow!!! Erotic and steamy!!
easy quick read
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