Night World Series: Strange Fate (2013)
Night World Series: Strange Fate (2013)
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Possible release date for next year. Ha! Amazon still has the release date for 2030. By that age my kids will be waiting on the book. I was 10 when i began to read the series and i loved it when saw the last books release date i literally laughed at and walked away. if your not going to finish the series just admit it. The authors for the house of night series wrote and published 10 books in just that amount of time. The book is ridiculous im definitely not going to wait for the book to come out and im an avid reader that lives for books like that. this is never even gonna end up being written. I loved the original 4 VD books, and that lead me to read the Nightworld books at least 5 years ago. And sorry LJ Smith, but the rest of your newer books suck. Like reeeeaaaallllyy badly. Besides the Forbidden Game series, I loved that too. But the books have gone down the toilet. I gave up on the last VD series but with the co-author, the writing was terrible, as was the plot. Don't even get me started on Dark Visions and the Secret Circle. Then the 3rd Secret Circle book, more VD and a new Forbidden Game. Please stop ruining the originals as an excuse for a 12 year delay of Strange Fate. Release dates of 1998, 2009, 2012,2013 etc. are breaking not just my heart but millions of others. So please just stop writing shitty rip-offs of original books to make more money. And stop delaying. If you're not going to write Strange Fate, then just tell us already and put us out of our misery. And don't write about a soulmate love triangle. It's over done, and is awful. Just do is all a favour and stop writing really bad books, change publishing company to get rid of the co-authors and go back to being that amazing author that re-started the craze for supernatural fiction that wasn't twighshite. Thank you.
i really NEED to know who dies so i can mourn them and get on with my life i'm ready.
I really hope this book NEVER comes out!!!
When the hell is this coming out? Honestly.
Is this book ever going to come out??!!!!!
Come out! Please!
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