Nightbird (2000)
Nightbird (2000)
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3.5 stars, because it is Alice Hoffman, who so masterfully writes for both Young Adults and Adults, and because she writes magical realism so believably. There is much to love about this short tale--especially Twig, our heroine, who is the keeper of the family secrets. It's a heavy burden for one so young. But then a fascinating family moves in next door...and that's all I'm going to say. Just read it; you won't be sorry. I read this aloud to my nine-year-old daughter. She liked it okay, but it's fairly slow-paced, and I think she would have liked some more action. I really enjoyed the way Hoffman created a sense of place; she is a beautiful writer and her descriptions of the Western Massachusetts town of Sidwell were very evocative. This is a story about friendship and about accepting those who are different. The message isn't too heavy-handed, though.Recommend for middle schoolers who enjoy writing themselves and who have patience for a story that is more place- and character-driven than plot-driven.
I love this author in adult books and found I like her just as well in children's.
Perfect for ages 10 and up. Sweet brief story about the power of friendship.
This book is sweet and dark and magical and... well, perfect.
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