Nisekoi #1 (2013)
Nisekoi #1 (2013)
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Another love story where the two main characters hate each other but fate forces them to pretend to be a couple for the sake of humanity (or in this case settle peace for rival gangs). Raku and Chitoge got off to a bad start and argue all the damn time. Raku likes Onodera and she likes him back but both are too shy to admit. He is unable to explain to her his relationship with Chitoge is fake without jeopardizing the secret.I love the romantic comedy genre of manga/anime but it's always a 50/50 for me. The series hasn't ended yet but I know they are going to end up together one way or another. Like I am going to establish that. Also they try to make these things relatable but several things are extreme to me:They argue too much: It's a classic rom=com thing in Japan for the main love interests to argue over every single thing. I understand they're not supposed to get along but like how much do they need to argue and bicker to establish that. I hate how Chitoge is a tsundere. (Tsundere is a girl who acts like a bitch to a guy but slowly acts nicer to him because she loves him. Also they are major bitches 99.99999% of the time. I categorize myself as one). Anyways... reading than watching gives off a different vibe. So the show may give me different feelings about it.HOWEVER back to what annoys me because anything below 3-star is a rant. Not a review. Shoot now I forgot. Maybe it'll come back to me when I finish the next volume. Hopefully it gets better because for a year I've wanted to read and watch the show. I spoiled myself to a little heartbreaking scene I saw so maybe the feels... Raku Ichijo is just a regular high school dude, except that his family is Yakuza. When a new girl comes to town, they immediately butt heads. Though they intially spend time together, as he's assigned to be her peer mentor and she feels she needs to help him find a locket she had a part in him losing, they are happy to go their separate ways when all's said and done. But their parents have different plans. Turns out her family is mafia too and both families need the two to date. For the next three years. It would be easier if they got along better - or at all - and if Ichijo didn't have feelings for someone else. Cute and hilarious. I really liked the translation and the use of American slang. My favorite part is Ichijo and Kirisake's movie date when she wants to see "Truck Destroyer 3" and he wants to see "Meowsville" (It's supposed to be a real tear-jerker!).
MEH. A little too repetitive. It had some funny parts, but that is all I can give it credit for.
This book was very cute and funny. And i loved the artwork..
Cute lol
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