No Attachments (2013)
No Attachments (2013)
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I did enjoy this book however I feel like some parts were very rushed. This is my first Tiffany king book and I'm not impressed nor am I disappointed, it was a good quick read and though there are some terrible things that happen I felt as though it didn't have much depth and when touching on such subjects I personally feel like it should have depth and not skimmed over. I love the romance and the side characters such as Tessa. 3.5 StarsReviewNo Attachments piqued my interest after reading the summary and while it did not blow my socks off, it was still a good read. I loved the small town setting with the cozy feel and friendly community and even the storyline but the story’s progression just fell flat for me.Ashton ran from her hometown and settled on Woodfalls, a small town where she is working thru her bucket list. One night while out with girlfriends she decides it’s time to cross “one night stand” off her list. After flirting with the hot newbie in the town bar,she gets plastered and wakes up alone. Ashton is not looking for any type of romance but once the hottie starts popping up when she least expects it, she decides to change “one night stand” on her list to “affair”.Nathan’s latest job takes him to a small town where his latest assignment is a beautiful girl that grabs his attention but he gave up on love a long time ago and the only thing he can offer is a no attachments relationship, even if it’s with his assignment. He needs to get her out of his system then finish the job and move onto the next one. But, as he gets to know Ashton he becomes curious as to what she’s hiding and will he be able to walk away once their affair is over.There is just enough steam and romance to grab the reader’s attention but the story was predictable and the character’s were easy to connect with but they are not memorable. However, being this is my first Tiffany King book, I enjoyed the story enough to pick up more of her work.
Review to come ... Ashton and Nathan were delightful together. They were hilarious at times.
This would make a beautiful movie if the script stayed true to the book.
Wow humor & drama all in one book I absolutely loved it
review to come
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