No Distance Left To Run (2014)
No Distance Left to Run (2014)
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1619222140 (ISBN13: 9781619222144)
Samhain Publishing
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So what do you get when you combine two Mormon boys, Dan & Vadim from Special Forces and then dump them down the rabbit hole together? This book. I'm so confused. I kept looking up from my Kindle while I was reading this expecting to see the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit sitting beside me. Was this a joke? Tongue in cheek? Serious? I just don't know. So MC2 has been in the French Foreign Legion. He has a F**k buddy in the French Foreign Legion..... "We just care about each other very much but what we have is not the same as you & I. No one can ever replace you in my heart." (sound familiar?) Then MC2 has a duffle bag full of protein bars. (sound familiar?) The two guys like to dress in cameo and incorporate some knife play into their sex scenes. (sound familiar?) Fortunately there were no Mormon prayer beads so I didn't have to actually throw my Kindle across the room. I'm just.....I'm just....confused.If I set aside the weird Special Forces....the Disney version.... then I still had problems with this book. Joshua/Julian has been gone for 5 years. The asshat disappears from his Mormon mission and lets everyone think he's dead. Now that his dad is dying he shows up to make amends. He just waltz's back in to everyone's lives and no one's actually upset. They're all just glad he's alive. Chris, who was broken hearted and not able to really put his life back together after this loss just welcomes him back, forgives him, lets him move in and immediately has sex with him. In addition to this exceptional forgiveness they immediately fall back in love and are ready to marry each other a couple weeks later. I just wasn't buying any of it. I didn't feel their connection at all. I was told they loved each other but I didn't feel it. The church people were evil caricutures as were Chris's parents. Joshua/Julian's parents did this about face from evil to all loving and forgiving which came without any build up or warning and I just didn't believe it either. The premise of this book was really good in my opinion but the execution just did not work for me in any way. Blockbuster Conclusion to a Brilliant Series...This book may be the end of a series...and if it isn't, that's really terrific, because we can use more of these characters and their tales. But if it is the last one, let's get this straight right from the beginning: All four were superb, all had different themes dealing with a set of characters in Seattle whose lives sometimes revolve around a gay bar named Wilde's or the extended family the place has spawned. Each one was strongly plotted, beautifully written, heartbreaking and heartwarming.But this one--this one is a blockbuster!Not only does it deal with an exceptionally strong set of characters, it also takes a huge chunk out of the Mormon church, which will please some people but maybe offend others. Too bad--read it straight through to the end to see whether you agree that redemption is in the soul of the believer, even if he doesn't believe anymore.L.A. Witt is joined in this one by Aleksandr Vionov, a truly accomplished m/m romance veteran, I don't know who wrote or contributed whatever along the way but the combination produced a book that is breathtaking, seriously hot, and brilliantly exposed every word of the way. One of the most extraordinary conclusions to a series in this genre of this or any other year. Get it now.
I truly enjoyed the ending (when Chris finally grew a spine); wish I'd skipped the rest of the book.
Not bad, just not my cuppa.
3.5 stars
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