No Higher Honour: A Memoir Of My Years In Washington (2011)
No Higher Honour: A Memoir of My Years in Washington (2011)
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0857208071 (ISBN13: 9780857208071)
Simon & Schuster
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3 stars for information from the inside about the world political situation and the Bush administration, but I was hoping for more honesty and personality as this was always lacking publicly from Rice. This sadly translates to this memoir as well where everything is presented in a neat package, which does not exactly equate with reality and makes one wonder if she witnessed or was a party to the corruption so prevalent at this level of government. An excellent account of Condoleeza Rice's time in the Bush Administration. This book changed my perception of both Condi Rice and the Bush Administration. I have much more respect for her since reading this book and although I continue to believe the War in Iraq was a disaster this book changed my perception of her and that debacle. I recommend this book to anyone and I really think she's presidential timbre.
Short and succinct. But I thot the tone was a little too ego-centric and the views a bit too bias.
Interesting perspectives on her experiences, but she gets Israel all wrong.
Great book...just a little too long.
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