Não Te Quero Matar (2013)
Não Te Quero Matar (2013)
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If you read the previous two books in the series, just read this one too, you won't be disappointing.While the previous books dealt with John's struggle and identity as a sociopath, here we see him in action accepting who he is and his mission in life. His personal life also develops entering a more serious relationship. Can someone without empathy be in a relationship?Like the other books half the enjoyment is being inside this character's head, seeing how he sees and interprets 'normal' teenager and social situations. Anyone who struggled understanding people behaviours or emotions will identify. Book is full with humour, much of it dark.The ending was great, you need to be a sociopath not to feel impacted by it. Good ending to a series but leaves room for a very different continuation. I enjoyed the first two books of the John Cleaver trilogy, but I really really liked this third book of the series. It's a terrifying and absolutely thrilling novel. I actually wondered if writer could surprise me in this book. And he did, he exceeded my expectations. There's a lot of action and suspense, and some truly heartbreaking moments. If you loved the first two books, you are going to cry over this one.John Wayne Cleaver is probably the most interesting character I've read in any book for a long time. He is obsesses over serial killers, their methods, their psychology and their motives. John also worries that he will become one, so he sets rules for himself. But in this third book I think he is becoming more normal, than usual.
Once again a great John Cleaver novel. I'm eager for the next trilogy!
What a great way to wrap up the series. I wish there was more to come
I loved it ! no other words to explain how I feel bout this
What a heart-broken, sad, beautiful ending. I am touched.
I kinda fell in love with the teenage "Dexter."
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