No Time Left (2011)
No Time Left (2011)
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1455504394 (ISBN13: 9781455504398)
Grand Central Publishing
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A short read with a twist. A good read if you just want a quick easy book to read before you tackle something else. My second book by this author, I will probably now continue with more, although I only gave 3 stars it is because the book is so short rather than poor writing or anything. Although the length of the book is fine. I enjoyed it but other mystery books I have read are better - but they are longer. But I have also read terrible long mysteries too. Mr. Baldacci is one of my fav authors so when I saw this little ditty of a story I gave it a read while in the john, ok, not really, but that's how long it took to read. I prefer to get involved in a story so this was much to short for me. It was different from the plots you have come to know from this author, I theorize that Mr. Baldacci was himself doing his morning constitution, reading a short Stephen King plot when he said to himself, "I can do better than this", and that is what we have here, Baldacci as King.
Loved it! Very short, but it flowed well and held me till the end! Perfect little Scooby snack! ;)
Very Twilight Zone-esque and leaves you going "Huh."
Could be a great long read novel. Finish it!
Too obvious.
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