Nu Plânge Sub Clar De Lună (2011)
Nu plânge sub clar de lună (2011)
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At the beginning this book sucked. Everyone every bad, cheesy Hollywood movie stereotyped about werewolves? This book had lots of them. Not to mention the fact that that the male lead was British and used words like mayhaps and phrases like perhaps I shall go build a fire and I hesitate to tell you things about myself. I mean come on and if it wasn't so stupid it would be funny. The beginning of this book was super boring and all she cared about were having sex with and "hot, bad boy" that would have her. Then she goes off to summer camp and all she thinks about is how her gummy worms, romance novel, glitter eyeshadow, and push - up bra were taken away from her upon her arrival. Oh and how stupid all the camp activities are she says constantly " I don't need to change my attitude, my stepmother does". The only reason this book is getting two stars instead of one is because the ending was good. I for one won't be reading the other books in the series. And I certainly won't be recommending it to anyone. Young Shelby is a junior in H.S., caught outside her house with a boy about to kiss a hot looking senior on her curefew. Her mean stepmother over reacts to this and sends Shelby off to brat camp for the summer. There she meets a famous rock star's son Austin. Little does Shelby know he is hiding a secret. All she can see is another hot looking bad boy. She also know she shouldn't be messing with Austin. Her plans were to follow camp rules ,make no waves and get back home. Unfortuantely that isn't always the case. Austin is in trouble and of course Shelby decides against her better judgement she to help him. It doesn't help that the full moon is about to rise .
Good not great. I wanted more from the wolf charter and the main charter
I loved, loved, loved this! I finished it in one day. :)
it was SOOO good!
Awesome book!
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