O Anjo Negro (2014)
O Anjo Negro (2014)
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I really enjoyed the first two books and most of this third and final part of the trilogy. Thomas Cale is a very interesting, complex and terrifying character indeed. However I found the opening and closing device whereby the books are described as some form of lost gospels resulting in political persecution from the translation as, quite frankly, weird. It distracted from the story. I would have preferred an epilogue similar to the second book where Hoffman explained the sources for his main scenes and plot lines. In the end I found the story overly long and lacking in tension. The plot twist regarding the Redeemers was interesting, but ultimately unsatisfying. What? is this the end of the book?It was for so long such a promising story. I was waiting for something big to happen, but the book only drags on with no development. There are a lot of threads that have nothing-as far as I can see-with the story of the book. The whole book is giving an impression of leading to some grand finale, but it just sort of ebbs out into nothingness. It is like this third book is Paul Hoffmans first book, triving to make this and that story connect-but fails miserably.Dont read the last book. It will disappoint you to know that there is nothing extraordinary about Thomas Cale, or Paul Hoffman for that matter (judged by the last book in the triology)
Not a great ending to what started out as an amazing series. Cale too frail, so meandering story.
First half, 3-4. Second half, 2.
More like 3.5 stars.
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