O Bater De Suas Asas (2013)
O Bater de Suas Asas (2013)
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Suma de Letras
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Being the last book of the 'Left Hand of God'-trilogy, I was furiously hoping it would be as good as the first one and not let me down as the second one did.It turned out to be somewhere in between. There is individual cruelty, along with massive battles, we get to see much more of Thomas Cale and the know-it-all writing style of Hoffman was really very pleasing again.I'm still amazed by the first book and would recommend that to anyone (who's into this genre), but the trilogy as a whole is perhaps a little too disappointing to my taste. I have quite mixed feelings about this book. First the negative, then the positive that had me struggling between 2 or 3 stars:My number one complain is that I was lost about what's even going on for half the book. The reason for this was probably that it was quite some time ago that I read the first two books of the series.However the story itself never really hooked me in. One thing I really loathe is the abundance of strong female characters. And the one female character that seemed to be equal to Cale fell in love with him and wasn't given any credit even though Cale originally recognized her genius. All the chapters where she wasn't even mentioned, yet the boys discussed strategies to win a fucking war. Never including her. Then she goes off to do something heroic and, surprise, she dies...??So yeah that and just generally having the story take turns I wasn't very interested in made it not so great for me. It had a rough start, then got interesting, but instead of getting better my interest was always interrupted by something that made me dislike it again. So I was always short of fully liking the book.What I do love about it though, is that quite a few messages and ideas in this book are thought provoking. That's the stuff I crave in my books. So even though the overall experience of reading it wasn't as great, I have quite a few passages marked for myself.
Ma se proprio Henri doveva morire, non si poteva farlo morire in un modo un po' meno stupido? Argh.
I loved the whole trilogy. Great characters and great story. Wish there was more to read.
I was so frustratingly disappointed in this series. Vague Henry dies at the end! Why?
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