O Inescrito, Vol. 4: Leviatã (2013)
O Inescrito, Vol. 4: Leviatã (2013)
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The danger with a series like this is that the more adventurous and ambitious it gets, the greater the chance that it falls hard and deep. But this issue is a gem, with the storytelling becoming ever more creative and out there. And even though more mystery is introduced, there are answers (or at least part of them) scattered all over. The final story in this TPB does not even seem related to the main story arc, yet it does not feel out of place and is deeply satisfying. Okay, I still think this series is going very, very good, but I found this volume a bit heavy on the exposition. I don't feel the story gained a lot of ground but merely recapped. This is not a bad thing because the plot of the first three volumes went at breakneck speed and could easily be seen as confusing. Plus we've went from the ordinary world to a world that contains magic and secretive societies. Best to stop, take a breath, look around. Best to actually set down the rules of the new world we're in. Great, good, that's fine. It just was a bit too much for me and I wanted some more in the way of action. Fair enough.
For fans of Fables and the Jasper Fforde novels. Good, meta-literary fantasy.
Oh, you know, disturbing at points, but you wanna keep reading.
Things are getting real! ha, thats sorta punny...
I'm still loving this series!
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