October Baby (2012)
October Baby (2012)
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1433678470 (ISBN13: 9781433678479)
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I really enjoyed this book. It tells of the miracle of birth even when abortion was tried but failed. Then, a mother who had lost her twins as a result of miscarriage found hope. While praying at a nearby cathedral, she observes a note indicating that twins were abandoned. She and her husband adopt the twins, lose the one shortly thereafter. The storyline goes on to reflect how a child who is chosen can be loved as much or more than one born into a family. Great story!!! What an incredibly story and what a wonderful book to read. I enjoyed every moment of this book. Read it in three days and I wished it would not end.From the very beginning this book captured my attention when a young teen girl was trying to abort her child... I was so interested in knowing how the story would turn about. And I loved it, the way each character was portrayed and the scenery... it was great... A must read!
I didn't even know this was possible, so this book was a real eye opener
Loved the story but the dialogue really lacked.
This book was amazing. I highly recommend it.
Such a good book and the movie is so good
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