Ohnivé Srdce (2014)
Ohnivé srdce (2014)
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AMAZING!!! Of course that shouldn't come as a shock! Adrian and Sydney are finally together. They are deeply in love. Zoe drove me crazy. I really wanted to reach through the pages and slap her. I felt that some of the story was a little easy to see coming. When something would happen I would just be like "I figured that would happen". Just like toward the end. I knew Zoe had something to do with everything. It was painful to read (in a good way). I definitely found myself rooting for Sydney and Adrian. Good thing I already have all the books! Warning: minor spoilers for previous books in the series and maybe from this one, too. Being that I've read all the books and am going back to put some sort of review, I'm probably going to make this short. However, despite it being short, this book adds even more excitement to the lives of Sydney and Adrian! First off, this is the first time we get to read the book from another point of view - that being Adrian's. At first I wasn't sure if I'd like how this would work, considering that we've only read from Sydney's point of view before this book. But the advantage is having to see what exactly Adrian is dealing with when it comes to spirit use. This book deals with a lot of emotions between the two characters, with Sydney working non-stop to do her duty as Alchemist and somewhat leader of the group in protecting Jill, tending to her classes, working with Ms. Terwilliger on magic and keeping her newly arrived sister Zoe from knowing about her relationship with Adrian as well as her human magic use. All the added complications just make things more tense for Adrian and his own spirit use, which also adds frustration for Sydney, since she fears for his sanity, considering excessive spirit use can cause vampires to actually lose their mind. Despite there not being one real major antagonist in this book, the many small trials that Sydney and Adrian face more than make up for it. I think for that reason, this is one of my favorite books of the series, although The Golden Lily slightly tops this book. Richelle does an excellent job of moving back and forth between the two main characters, and I love how you get to read more into Adrian's feelings and thoughts in this one. And well, I knew it was going to happen, but still, I hate it when it does. Doozie of a cliffhanger!
another great story. Going onto the next one!!!
Favorite book in the series so far
Stupid heartbreaking plot twist!!!!
When the ship sails at high speeds
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