On The List (2011)
On The List (2011)
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Amber Allure
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I LOVE these guys! I couldn't wait for this book to come out and I downloaded it and read it as soon as I got home tonight. What a great story for these two. I was pretty pissed off at Derek's family and the way they treated Elliot and Derek before the wedding - especially that creepy BIL who instigated the whole foolishness. I loved that Derek stood up to them and didn't stay where he had to listen to words like "tolerate". And that he came to his senses. Great conclusion for this fun couple. Loved the first two in this series, and this started out great. I really felt the angst and hurt that Derek felt when his family ganged up on him two days before the wedding, but I just couldn't buy the big turnaround for the happy ending. If they'd just showed up, and been willing to try to understand, and maybe had to work at expressing support, that I could understand. But the "oh, honey, we didn't realize we'd hurt you" after a deliberately planned, "we tolerate you being gay, but your marriage is wrong" confrontation with Derek just seemed contrived. Glad to see the HEA work out, but I thought the contrast between the Elliot's family's support and Derek's family's attitude was a key part of this story, and the happy wrapup made me wonder why so much time was spent on that part of the story.
A sweet ending to Derek and Elliott's story.
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