Once An Arafat Man: The True Story Of How A PLO Sniper Found A New Life (2008)
Once an Arafat Man: The True Story of How a PLO Sniper Found a New Life (2008)
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1414323611 (ISBN13: 9781414323619)
Tyndale House Publishers
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"Once an Arafat Man" is a well-written memoir about a man who was born a Muslim in Palestine in 1951, who grew up hating Jews, killed both Jews and Christians, but then later became a Christian and worked to bring reconciliation between Arabs and Jews. It's a fast-paced story that kept my interest from beginning to end.He described how his family became refugees, why they were moved to Saudi Arabia, what life was like there for Palestinan refugees, how he learned to hate Jews, how he met Yasser Arafa and later came to join the PLO, what he did in the PLO, how his parents tricked him to get him out of the PLO, why he went to America and what he did there, how and why he converted to Christianity, how his family reacted to his conversion, and how he made peace with his family as well as with Jews. Having read quite a bit on the conflict in the Middle East, I thought he did a good job showing both sides of the issue, though he didn't go in-depth.Overall, I'd highly recommend this interesting and well-written book to those who are interested in the Jew-Arab conflict in the Middle East or to those interested in what it's like for a Muslim to convert to another religion. Tass Saada's story was one I am going to remember for a long time. I will talk about it with my friends, and I will recommend it to all I talk to. This book was powerful!You have to read this with an open heart and mind. I'm not going to say it's easy to swallow always, because it's not, but if it were easy, it wouldn't be real.To see where the author came from, the world of complete hatred. To be blessed to have found the love of God, and is now Christian. His own family went from wanting to kill him, to respecting him.An amazing story, one that I can't get enough of. You REALLY need to check it out, and read it yourself. Don't give up on it either.
Interesting story from a Palestinian who now lives in US & became a christian.
A story of the sanctifying power of Christ. A powerful testimony.
This is a very amazing and truly inspiring, I highly recommend it
Must read.
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