Once Upon The End (2013)
Once Upon the End (2013)
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Once Upon the End brings the Half Upon a Time series to an action-packed, fun-filled conclusion that I found very satisfying.Following the trend set in place by Twice Upon a Time, Once Upon the End takes place three months after the conclusion of Twice Upon a Time. The story begins with Jack, Phillip, and May scattered and divided. Jack, having betrayed the others to join the Wicked Queen, finally completes his training as an Eye and is charged with stealing treasure from the very giant that his father infamously stole from. May is in a self-imposed exile with the hopes of protecting Phillip from the Wicked Queen. Meanwhile Phillip yearns for adventure and dreads wedding Penelope, his supposed true love. Soon the three are drawn together once again as they struggle to decide where their loyalties lie and discover that all is not what it seems.Like Twice Upon a Time, Once Upon the End features Jack and May as narrators, but it also includes Phillip and Lian as narrators. Jack, in spite of his feelings otherwise, is really the main hero of the Half Upon a Time series, and, as usual, his narrations were my favorite. However, I just can't understand what is so special about May that either Jack or Phillip would die for her, I find her annoying and useless, and I found myself always yearning to skip over the chapters narrated by her. I did enjoy Phillip's narrations though, he really grew as a character in this book, and Phillip and Penelope are so cute together! Lian's narrations were entertaining enough, though not as much as I'd hoped, and they gave readers a glimpse of her past, which we know so little about.Once Upon the End continued with the plots twists, many of which were jaw-droppingly unexpected and although, in my opinion, it did not have the tension of Twice Upon a Time, Once Upon the End definitely kept me on the edge of my seat with it's rollercoaster of a plot line. All in all, I think Once Upon the End was a brilliant conclusion to the Half Upon a Time series, and I would definitely like to see a spin-off series in the future! (Mostly because I just can't get enough of the Eyes; I mean who cares if they' re evil, they're also just plain awesome!) This is book three of the Half Upon A Time series by James Riley. Warning This Contains SPOILERS In book one May, Phillip, and Jack are on an adventure to find and free Mays grandmother, who they think is Snow White. In the second book May, Phillip, and Jack are trying to take down May's grandmother, who is actually the Wicked Queen. In this book Jack, Jack and Jill, had joined the wicked queen and May is trapped in her stepmothers house, Cinderella, out of fear of the wicked queen finding her forced to work for them. Phillip is a prince who found his princess, sleeping beauty, by waking her up in the last book. May asks their old enemy for help. Phillip and his princess come to her rescue and kill her before May gets the plan. They are captured by the Wicked Queen and Jack comes to their rescue. He is killed but they escape. Jack had planned this out so he had a healing potion on the sword that the queen struck him with. He stole the queens box that had her heart in it because it had to be taken out of her body by dark magic to keep her alive. Phillip lets the queen take May so he can escape to save his kingdom from giants he succeeds and using the help of merman and fairy queens attacks the wicked queens. Jack shows up and May kills the Wicked Queen.
Different ending...cool, though and I love all the twists and turns and the humor this story has.
A.J. liked "the whole thing" and recommends it for "people who like fairy tales."
So good that I finished it in one go :)
Really good series.
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