One Con Glory (2010)
One Con Glory (2010)
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I thought it was good, but short of GREAT. Four and not three, because it exceeded my expectations.Maybe a bit of an editorial eye to thin the references that seem to be sprinkled with a heavy hand throughout. But only SLIGHTLY. It makes sense that there is a large number, because of the setting of the short story/novella. At a convention, the majority of conversations are chock full of fandom. It wasn't out of place or unexpected.The part that did annoy me a little was that they seemed to get sent all over the country to cover conventions. Cons are expensive. It would make more sense if they had stuck to the west coast for con mentions. Or made up con names. It was a little distracting to read about the California cons and then Atlanta or Baltimore... It seemed more to the point of people connecting with cons that they attend. Like DragonCon! Or Shore Leave! Or ConsIHaven'tBeenTo!Still...not bad and a quick read. More of a novella/short story than a novel, I think this book might have hit too close to home for me and I found myself turned off by the main character's (or is it Kuhn's?) constant need to prove her geekiness to me. I'm a nerd girl too, I believe you, it's okay. The book is short but I was so put off by the constant "let me reference another geeky thing to prove I know what I am talking about" that I just did not feel compelled to finish it. Sad, I know. Kuhn's writing is no better than my own.
<3 <3 <3 i learned about life in this book. nerd life.
One Con Glory is the ultimate rollicking lost weekend.
Completely adorable, and smart, and hilarious. :)
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