One December Night (2000)
One December Night (2000)
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What an adorable quick read! Melissa Tagg does it again with inviting her readers back to Whisper Shore. Tagg does a good job at creating characters who are lovable. I hope she writes a longer story with Penny and Will. I would love to return to Whisper Shore and find out what happens with their love story. As for the description of Whisper Shore at Christmas time, Tagg does a great job at drawing the reader in and wrapping them in a shower of snow and garland with the strains of Christmas music playing in the background. I felt like I was in this little town during a white Christmas. I really enjoyed the short read. Being 38 pages, anyone can finish this novella while sitting at the doctor's office or waiting at a soccer game. Just be prepared to smile and your heart will yearn for more from Melissa Tagg. Melissa Tagg is definitely one of my favorite contemporary romance writers. I haven't read Here to Stay yet, but I didn't feel lost at all with this one. Pennilynn (aka Penn) likes to have things very orderly. She was expecting a proposal from her long-time boyfriend, but instead, goes off to find out who's been staying in her house. her grandmother's house that she now owns.I loved the encounter she has with the squatter, Will, and the way she shows him what's what. She's so no-nonsense, yet she's in for a few surprises that really had me laughing.Content: Clean!
For being only 38 pages, I loved this book! So fun to be back in Whisper Shore. :)
Wait!! That's it? I want more!! Super cute.
This was a cute novella.
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