One Moment, One Morning (2010)
One Moment, One Morning (2010)
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0330518828 (ISBN13: 9780330518826)
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I really enjoyed this book; read it in 2 days. It isn't by any means super gripping, but it's real. By real, I mean, it's the things that could really happen to a woman. An emotional catastrophe strikes and brings 3 women closer and more in tune with their selves then they thought they could be. It forces strength and growth into each of them. It made me think, if this happened to me - who is my strength and how would I cope? Great read!!! I'm not quite sure why I picked this book to read, perhaps as a way to deal with my own grieving of the loss of my parents? I liked it but feel emotionally drained. This is a thought provoking story of how just a moment in time can change your life forever, and the impact it has on three women. As a single Mom, I’m having a very tough time coming to grips with the loss even though it was a few years ago, especially of my Mom, my best friend, my rock, while helping my son with his own pain. Although this is about the loss of a spouse I could relate to so much of what the character felt. The author approaches grief as if she has felt it herself- with a knife right through the heart. The numbness, the disbelief, the feeling it is a dream you will wake up from, the anger and all the what ifs…I had a lump in my throat through much of the book. But most of all it’s a story of how someone faces unimaginable loss, the effects it has on others and for some, finding the strength to address difficult issues that have prevailed for too long. It shows how friendships, can help us survive even the most horrific times in our lives and even find happiness from the depth of such tragedy and pain. Did I need to read it now? I'm not sure, but I'm interested in seeing what other books Sarah Rayner has written, perhaps on a lighter subject for me.
Kind of refreshing in a weird way. Loss and how we deal with it, and explain it to children.
A novel about the impact of an unexpected death, moving and at times a little surprising.
I found this very dull and kept waiting for something exciting to happen!
I loved it! A great story about women and relationships.
Great characters - complex storyline
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