One Wicked Night (2011)
One Wicked Night (2011)
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1609286383 (ISBN13: 9781609286385)
Samhain Publishing
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I would probably give it 3.5 stars. While I really enjoyed Rule of Three I felt like something was missing in this one.I would have liked a little more emotional connection between all 3 characters. Even more banter between the 3 characters. I felt like that was missing from the story. Perhaps a little more background or info from the past would have helped me soldify their connection.However that being said I did enjoy the story. I loved how our Kaelin was strong enough to come clean about what happened at the hotel to Tyler's family. I enjoyed how Tyler was finally strong enough to confront his parents and tell them about what happened in his past so they knew it wasn't what they thought. I really loved how Nick stood beside him during this weekend with his family. Nick was the rock for both Kaelin and Tyler. Honestly even though we didn't get much on Nick he was my favorite.In the end I truly enjoyed how Kaelin went after what she wanted no matter what it might have cost her, including her reputation. The fact that Tyler's mother stepped up to the plate and started doing things to make herself happy was refreshing as well.Definitely steamy scenes. If you are not a fan of reading menages of any kind or m/m scenes you should not read the book. However if this doesn't bother you pick it up and give it a whirl Another very good read from Kelly Jamieson. Be aware that it is a menage story. As I have previously stated on my review of Rule of Three, menage is not my thing, but KJ writes it so well - the scenes are way hot, trust me, so don't let that steer you away from this story. The story and the scenes are also ethically written, which I appreciate. The three main characters show kindness and concern for each other both in and out of bed.The storyline is mostly logical and believable. Mostly. A mother's seemingly sudden acceptance of one hell of an alternative lifestyle was a little hard to believe, but I may also just be jaded.Great book that is worth your time and money.
3.5.... M/m/f...good sex scenes. Some parts a little slow. I liked the characters.
usually love KJ books, but this one felt clunky...slow to get started
I am fanning myself cus wow that very hot and blushable lol
Solid read...full review to come
Wow, fantastic read.
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