Onun İçin Öl (2014)
Onun İçin Öl (2014)
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This is a book that felt like it didn't need to be written. Frankly, I didn't care for the subplot when it first started to be hinted that Jules liked Kate, but I liked it better when it was only a hint and a mystery.I get tired of all the books that have all the heroes falling for the heroine. It has been used so much that it's just a YA paranormal romance trope that has been done to death and isn't enjoyable to read anymore. So, having a novella dedicated to flushing out Jules' love story is not exactly high on my list of to reads, but I wanted to read the series in it's entirety. However, I couldn't even get through it.Most of the book is simply a general review of what happened in the first two books. Maybe it gets better, but it mainly consists of a Wikipedia-like entry from Jules' perspective on what is going on between Kate and Vincent with the occasional moment where he just starts fawning over her in his mind. It really isn't particularly well written or interesting and I gave up about half-way through it. I read this book after I finished reading the whole series and boy oh boy does it give you a different view of Jules. You really honestly truly do fall in love with him. The book pretty much recaps the first and second book from his pov so you pretty much know how everything will turn out, but after reading this I want to read more of Jules I wish Amy Plum will come out with a series just for him!!!
The series would be infinitely more interesting from Jules' POV.
The most painful case of unrequited love, everyone! Y___Y
I feel sorry for Jules
Omg poor Jules ...
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