Opposite Attraction (2012)
Opposite Attraction (2012)
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It's Curtis Keller's turn. He was paired with Simone Pierpont, oil heiress, at family weddings and they disappeared for a couple of weeks to the French Riviera on her family yacht. She abandoned him there and now months later, she turns up in his home town staying with his friend Zach and his sister Regan. He wants nothing to do with her, he thought they had something special but obviously doesn't feel the same. Simone won't tell anyone why she's there and then she says she is looking for a job, her own flat and they discover she has no money.Curtis is not quite the man I imagined from the previous books. I thought he was rather staid and straightlaced, he dares to criticise Simone for her many ex lovers but he isn't exactly an angel. He is pig headed and often judges a situation before getting the facts. I like Simone. She's nervous about starting a new life but she wants to prove herself, she brave and selfless. I was angry on her behalf at Curtis' behaviour.I found this series after searching for authors similar to Melody Anne. The main similarities to I can see is that the series focuses on a family and each member has a book dedicated to their love story. There is an individual plot in each book but also there's characters and a plot as an undercurrent through several books.I enjoyed reading the book. The characters are believable, genuine and there's just enough plot to show the development of each character and their relationship. It makes a change to have a contemporary romance without detailed sex scenes, which I'm not opposed to, but they just aren't needed here and gives a certain class to the stories (there's none of the pants straining, groin twinging etc every other paragraph). I ended the book with a smile on my face looking forward to the next in the series. This book was a bit of struggle for me. I have lived all the books in this series and I wanted to read curtis' story but I have to say I dislike Simone. I think that may have come from her in the 1st book being a prissy princess that was after Zac even though he never fell for it. so to stay this Story finding out she just left Curtis on a yacht after she spent the night with him very annoyed me so the ready of the story was a struggle for me to happy about returning to Tennessee to tell Curtis she was in love with him and having his baby. In spite of all of that I still give it 4 stars for the other characters and their stories.
Loved it as much as first one !!!
Great characters and plot.
Now it's Arianna's turn
Ok. Short book.
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