Ordinary World (2000)
Ordinary World (2000)
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Uhhhhgggghhh!!!!In one word...Painful.I really liked the preceding book, "Faking It" and was really looking forward to seeing the relationship between Andi and David unfold. I was totally disappointed and discouraged, however by this tedious angst-ridden frustration fest that this book turned out to be. Gratuitous over analysis of Andi's issues, constant second guessing of her feelings, and overall one of the most annoying heroines I've ever read!This book's HEA was so painfully come by that it wasn't worth it! Recommended for people who want to read something that will annoy and exhaust them. I really struggled through this book. Let me tell you why. It was such a departure from Faking It and the tone that was set there. Faking It was a fun, coming into her own, sexy book. I became invested in the characters of Andi and Devin/ David. This book took all of the good feelings I had about that couple and tossed it out the window. It did not meet my expectations of what the sequel would be like. It was dark and a bit depressing and really lacked what I liked so much about book one. There was more than enough angst to go around between the main characters and at times it felt drawn out. I will say I was happy with the conclusion of this story but I'm hesitant to read the final book.
Even better than the first although a pretty tragic story. Looking forward to book three.
So disappointed. I loved first book..this one left me cold.
great beach read
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