Otherwise Occupied (2013)
Otherwise Occupied (2013)
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Shay Savage
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Ja. Con que ese era el escandalo con este libro. Puede que al principio no pareciera muy emocionante, pero ese final supero por completo mis expectativas! Demasiado angustiante para ser verdad. Me recordó porque no me gustan las historias de la Segunda Guerra Mundial ni nada que tenga que ver con el ejercito.I fucking hate war. Lo irónico es que al mismo tiempo me encantan las historias sobre guerras, sólo que cuando los soldados se convierten en personas hasta yo como lectora cuestiono mi integridad moral.Y si, que libro más triste. So this was ... new ! I said it once and I'll say it again shay savage sure knows how to spice up her beyond compare stories ,I mean: -intriguing story line, check -super hot bad ass alpha male, check -"what the F"/ " I'm melting" moments, double check I have never EVER read anything like this, and I doubt I'll ever will. This book redefines the word " unpredictable " on so many levels it kept me on my tip toes the whole time, never knowing when the next bomb is being dropped.And that's what I love about Shay, that and the fact that her books are more than the out of this world plain love stories ...it's always out of the blue with her!evan arden is now being haunted by his past yet his present isn't giving him a break either , he seeks comfort in a rather strange place ...the mob , the killing , the whole lifestyle is bringing him down to the breaking point ... salvation is just around the corner , " otherwise unharmed " here I come !
I loved this book, the only reason it doesn't have 5 stars is because i hated the hooker. Really.
Another awesome book...I'm a bit afraid to read the next one, I'm hoping for an HEA!
4 1/2 to 5 stars
3 1/2
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