Out Of The Light, Into The Shadows (2009)
Out of the Light, Into the Shadows (2009)
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I was swore that I was not gonna read any more anthologies; I guess I just don't care for the short stories that have no time for worldbuilding or developing characters. But this one has been ordered from my library for months and just came in. Instead of sending it back unread, I decided some light, romantic Lori Foster and Erin McCarthy may be just what I needed these days.I am actually mortified that I finished this book. I probably can't even explain my reasons. The first story was by Lori Foster and was pretty much what you'd expect - girl in love with guy, guy in love but with dark secrets in his past, over-protective know-it-all brother and prim & proper brother's personal assistant. The story was quick and predictable except that every once in a while, Ms. Foster's language took a turn that did not seem to fit her style or this story's. "He raped her mouth" particularly jump out at me. I actually felt more interest about the brother and his assistant than the H/H. Rated ** max.Erin McCarthy's story was somewhat more interesting due to the Vegas Vamps setting, but again it was predictable. I can't even remember the characters' names. Another ** rating.The next story was from L.L. Foster, Lori's alter-ego for darker paranormals. I was greatly surprised to find this story connected to the first one, and so I got to hear about the brother and assistant after all. There were huge problems, however, because the writing was so similar that it should have been labeled Lori Foster instead. There was a bit of para-occurance in this one but it was out of line with what was previously established. And guess what I heard again? "He raped her with his mouth". That pretty much ruined my barely-there attention to the story. Which was dumb. Rating this one *.Now I began to expect a continuation of Erin's first story and I was right. It had a bit more suspense in it but not because of any story-telling; it was like it was there just to help establish the bona-fides of the police investigator our hunky bodyguard (anyone else getting tired of this profession?) falls for. Since I did not believe in any of these characters either, I wish the investigative part of this one had been developed. Back up to **.After I was done, I couldn't believe I read the whole thing! As I thought about it, I decided that this only happened because Ms. Foster and Ms. McCarthy are truly good storytellers that I have enjoyed in the past. Because of their talent, they DID sneak in characters that I wanted to find out about! I just was so disgusted by the poor plot lines that it took me until the end of this anthology to realize it. I know author's don't read my reviews but if any did, I would please ask that they stick to what they are so wonderful at - telling an entire story - and demanding their publishers quit making them break from that important work to write a filler novella. All for stories were pure filler, and did not serve any purpose to furthering their series at all. Just my opinion, OK? Two authors, three pen names, and four solid stories make up the "Out of the Light, Into the Shadows anthology. Lori Foster (AND her alterego LL Foster) and Erin McCarthy each pen two connected stories for this anthology. The total? Three paranormals, one contemporary, and one very happy reader.Foster opens with "Have Mercy" about a hunky hero with a tragic past learning to open himself up to a love-filled future. Her writing just grabs my heart every time. Not to mention her sex scenes will make you sweat!Then comes McCarthy's "Deal or No Deal" set in her 'Vegas Vampires' world. She was once Princess Anastasia, now she's a vegas dealer thanks to the man she loved who betrayed her family. Or did he? I just love reunion romance...even if it takes 100 years!LL Foster adds "Total Control" which had me not just sweating, but looking for a cigarette! The heroine's brother from "Have Mercy" has some talents his little sister doesn't know about. He'll only share his secret with the woman who can calm his beast. Smoking hot Alpha alert!!Last is McCarthy's "Undead Man's Hand" starring a secondary character from "Deal or No Deal". Take one murder detective, stir in a vampire body guard, season with a wacko 100-year old teenage vampire and you'll get a short murder mystery with hot sex to boot.Foster plays with my emotions and McCarthy's Vegas vamps are something totally different from the norm. This one goes on my keeper shelf.
From two of my favorite authors, this book of short stories was hard to put down!
Eh, not bad I suppose. Definitely dark enough. =) This is listia fodder. =)
Good group of stories. Some with bite!
didn't get through the 3rd book.
Boring crap.
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