Outside The Ropes (2000)
Outside The Ropes (2000)
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~*~ Netgalley provided a copy in exchange fir an honest review ~*~"All that was left of me were the parts that belonged tp him, the parts that he had saved from drowning."This debut novel opens with an exuberant high energy fight scene that sets the tone for this 5 star read. Rea, the strong but vulnerable, lead character has turned her talent for surviving into a career. After a horrific stunt that was supposed to be a harmless prank, Rea finds her life totally turned upside down. She finds herself in a gym her instincts to fight back, to survive being honed by the best so that she may rise through the ranks of female boxing. Silas, her trainer and manager, sees the raw talent after by chance interrupting her attackers and watching back the footage -the girl is a natural! The gym also trains Gage and Dexter, brothers and boxers, rising stars in the ring and favourites with the ladies. Rea finds herself enjoying the lime light and the sense of belonging but she feels a pull to Gage...can they resist one another?Rea is torn between her sizzling bone deep reaction and her old habits, turning to a cop that is involved in her case for comfort. She uses him to distract from the issues in her life, to offer a false sense of being wanted and needed. All the while thinking of Gage and the things she too scared to want. Broken by her past, a lifetime of disappointment, passed from one foster home to another Rea is shadowed by her experiences of humanity. Jaded by her upbringing she feels she isn't worthy of being accepted or loved. Damaged by therapy that blamed her, and her self destructive nature she believes she taints everything she touches and this causes her to make some bad decisions. Rea is soon surrounded by new friends and a social life, including the upbeat fun brother Dexter and his girlfriend, plus her room mates. They accept her as part of the crowd as she trains every day at the gym, and she has a shiny all star career mapped out with every win. Thrown into the mix is her only childhood friend Nan, who's brother drags her further into a shady world of drug deals and debts that can only be paid with blood. The plot twists and not everyone appears as they seem, their projected successful image only barely covering their darker reality. Rea finds herself lost in a world where nothing is as it appears, unable to know who to trust. This book is at times heart breaking, her self doubt and past rearing it's ugly head and spoiling what should be the good times in her life. No matter how much she tries het past won't let go and she keeps being sucked in. Every page is well written, the characters are beautifully written and feel real. The plot twists make you heart race and the emotional connection between characters made my stomach churn. I'm in awe. This is a fantastic debut and I cannot wait to read the next one. The ending was just...wow! A five star pack a punch read. ***ARC kindly given by Netgally for a honest review.. ***I absolutely loved this book. Once I started I could not put my Ipad down. Ashley Claudy can write some amazing characters and tell a story that will draw you in.. Regan “Rae” Sommers had a hard life growing up. She was in and out of the foster care system then dumped into the real world with no high school degree, no money, and no family.. Going from couch to Couch and working a dead end jobs is her only means of survival.On her way “home” one night from work with very little cash in her pockets she is heading to her friend’s house to crash for the night.. she is attacked and becomes part of a ridiculous game of videotaping the brutal beating of an unsuspecting victim. It doesn't matter that she is severely outnumbered, every cell in her body she refuses to be the victim again so she fights back.. This is when Regan meets 4 men who will change her life forever.. Anthony – is a SUPER SWEET Cop. He is helping assist on her attack case.. He is always there for her.. Offering her a place to stay, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to talk to.. he wants to be the man she can fall in love with.. But Regan has made it clear from the get go she does not want that kind of relationship.. so they agree on a “friends with benefits relationship”.. Silas is the Co-Owner of The Boxing Club and he offers her the chance of a lifetime - He has offered to train her and enter her in some local boxing matches.. This guarantees her some money and the ability to learn some amazing fighting skills.Dexter “Dex” is the sweet loving goofball of a friend who is there to help her learn some new fighting techniques and to be her trainer along with Silas..Gage is the Sexy as sin boxer who acts as though he cannot stand Regan but whenever she turns around there he is.. Gage repeatedly reminds Regan she doesn’t know anything about the sport. But all it takes is one fight, and Regan knows she’s not about to give up. Regan knows she should steer clear of Gage but her body keeps fighting her mind.. which will win out.. ? There are soooo many twist and turns in this book.. It will keep you on the edge of your seat.. This book was released in January.. There is a slight Cliffy at the end but book 2 was released in march and book 3 is due out soon (June I believe) I highly recomend adding to your TBR!!
"ARC kindly provided via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review"
Interesting. Review to come.
I love it x
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